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English 11R


Career Research Project

is used to help people complete certain tasks with much more ease. The software
developing and programing industry as well as the film and video/camera
operating industry both give me the ability to produce some sort of media.
However, being a software developer is more realistic of a job. Being a
software developer allows more creative freedom, financial stability and is
more in demand.

             A software developer produces code which
creates software. There are two types of software: software that can be used to
create other software to help computers and other systems run and function
properly, and software that can be used to create applications like Microsoft
Office as well as games. Software developers have many different
responsibilities. Not only do they have to create and test new software, they
also must review and possibly modify existing software in order to maintain
them and resolve any issues the software may have. Many employers expect
software developers to pick up new coding languages quickly and I really like
this responsibility that goes along with the job because I’ll always be
learning something new rather than just creating the same code forever. The
only responsibility I would dislike if I end up working privately for a client,
there is a chance that it would be a long travel and I would have to spend most
of my time with them rather then coding at home and freelancing. By being a
software developer, freelancing would not be as difficult as most other jobs
because the skills that a software developer has are in high demand. (Rosenburg 3)

are many soft skills and personal characteristics that one would need in order
to be happy and successful being a software developer. A software developer
will need basic communication skills in order to discuss ideas for projects
with their fellow colleagues. Along with these communication skills are
interpersonal skills. One must be able to work well with others in order to be
a successful software developer. Along with the ability to socialize, is the
ability to be detail-oriented and have analytical/problem solving skills. These
skills will help make sure the code in the software is perfect because if you
mess up once while writing code, there is risk of the whole project to stop
working. Also, one needs to have these skills in order to find previous
problems in another’s code and troubleshoot them. The top three traits one must
possess in order to fit the match for a software developer are Investigative,
Realistic and Conventional. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2)

are some high school classes that one could take in order to prepare for this
career. This career involves a lot of communication so any classes that help create
proficient interpersonal skills would be helpful. If possible, any classes that
introduce one to coding would also help prepare for becoming a software developer.
There are no state license/certificates required to become a software developer,
however most people pursuing this career choose to get at least their bachelor’s
degree. While researching I found a program at Farmingdale State College that allows
me to take all the core programs involved in completing my studies, then
enhancing them by choosing one of the five routes: Programming, Systems
Development, Networking, Web Development or Database. I feel like this would be
a great program for me because it would help me narrow down which exact field of
programming I would like to go into. (Curriculum Information Guide 3)

worker in this occupation would generally start at about $44,450. Although this
is not that much money, by working your way up you could easily earn up to
$130,080. Benefits vary according to individual employer, but most programmers
receive paid vacations, sick leave, and insurance plans. I can
see this occupation providing enough for me to live according to my expectations.
 (“The Top Advantages of Software Developer Jobs.”) Back
in 2016, employment of software developers was predicted to grow twenty-four
percent in the following ten years. (“Occupation Details for Computer
Programmers”) Computers are the future and programmers are a necessity in order
to progress and advance our technology. 


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