INC. utilizes certain elements of Classical approaches but deals with more behavioural approaches in terms of management. First, as a
behavioral approach we’ll be dealing with Chester Barnard’s approach in this
part and Mary Follet’s approach in the next part. Chester Barnard’s management
theory or natural systems theory mentions cooperative systems which relies on
social components and positive relationships within a work force to function.
Barnard basically explains that we need cooperative order to achieve things
that aren’t possible alone, organizations aren’t self-sufficient and needs
certain things to function for example, funds, hard- work, equipment, and
assets to work and achieve its objectives. Which is relevant as AMAZE INC.
allows employees to oversee and judge their performance and tasks but also
promotes cooperation as employees work together to contribute brilliant ideas.
Since this company is all about innovation things like funds, hard-work, and
equipment are present to help the contribution of employees and achieve goals
like Barnard says. Barnard explains that organizations need to accomplish
“system equilibrium” which requires two connected procedures. The
primary procedure identifies with the equilibrium between the association’s
qualities and its outer condition. The second procedure tries to adjust the
commitments that individuals from the association make to the association’s
aggregate reason and the level of fulfillment both the association and
individuals get in the trade. AMAZE INC. system equilibrium is balanced as
members are working towards the company’s objective and the company and members
are both satisfied. I think this managing approach is very effective as it is
deliberately appealing to the company & workers.


Mary Follett’s administrative principle supports everybody in the workplace,
including bosses, to meet up and convey their thoughts. They do this without
one commanding the other. At the point when this technique of work is
connected, the workplace will run a considerable measure smoother, furthermore,
quicker at its maximum capacity. Unlike others who have confidence in a chain
of pecking order. Communication is critical, with laborers and supervisors
having the opportunity to show thoughts and not go through the ordered system
within the workplace. Mary’s principle is directly linked to AMAZE INC. as
everyone in the workplace is supported and has the same opportunity, it is the
sum of employees which determines the completion of a product. Thoughts of
everyone is considered there is no managerial approval which things can be
completed faster, smoother & at full potential. Thinking of Mary’s
principle and AMAZE INC. it is almost like they coincide the way things are so

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To the strategy of innovation and creative thinking AMAZE INC. would be better
suited to an organic structure. A mechanic structure would hinder the results
and potential of the company as I feel many people will lack confidence when
needing an approval of a higher authority. The purpose of AMAZE INC. is to
incorporate and establish new concepts and products but how would this be
possible in a mechanic structure? The organic structure is the best bet for
this company as it follows Mary’s administrative principles and Barnard’s
management theory which will ensure success for both the organization and its




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