Brand History
Becoming SK-II
As scientists were searching for a key ingredient for a new skin care line, they chanced upon a Japanese brewery where they noticed the brewery’s elderly workers, who were in constant contact with the yeast fermentation process, and had yet really soft, smooth hands.
After years of researching with a total of 350 different strains of yeast, they discovered that there was indeed one yeast that was rich with nutrients benefiting the skin – named pitera. It was then acquired by the Japanese branch of Max Factor ; Company. They thus launched its first cosmetics product – Max Factor Secret Key with Pitera in December 1980. The brand was later renamed as SK-II when it was brought over by Procter ; Gamble.
By far, the discovery of the brand had become the story of the brand with its mission statement – the secret to crystal clear skin.

Joining P ; G
Since Procter ; Gamble acquired SK-II in 1991, SK-II has hence joined the ranks of the many P;G’s billion-dollar brands. While SK-II stays true to its roots – including keeping the same packaging for the past 32 years – its brand communications evolve through more in-depth scientific testing and innovation.
The company has continued to research on the different aspects of Pitera and one such product that combined both Pitera and scientific innovation is the launch of SK-II’s Cellumination line in 2010, which is created to boost the skin’s glow.
Today the bulk of SK-II’s business is most certainly in Asia with Japan being its biggest market. Nonetheless, products are also sold in Westem countries such as the US, UK, and Spain. In Singapore, SK-II has established a firm-hold in the premium skin care industry with a strong base of loyal customers.

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