Born on April 27,1759 in London, England, Mary Wollstonecraft was a woman who is most known for her works in writing and felt strongly about equality for women. Through teaching in a school that she established with her sister and her friends, she composed a piece of writing named the Thoughts on the Education of Daughters, which was heavily based upon education for females. However, the question remains whether Mary Wollstonecraft would fit in well with today’s women’s rights movement. Issues that women face in today’s society include gender equality, maternal health, reproductive rights, access to education, and many more. Due to these issues being present today, I believe that Wollstonecraft would indeed fit in well with today’s women’s rights movement.
Many issues are present for women in today’s society which include but are not limited to gender equality, maternal health, reproductive rights, access to education, employment opportunities, gender based violence, domestic violence, child marriage and sanitation. In the article “The Biggest Issue Women Face Today, According To Gloria Steinem,” Jeltsen writes, “according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 20 percent of U.S. women have been raped… and a third of U.S. women have experienced domestic violence,”. In 2007, an average of “64 percent of women killed in homicides,” by those who were members of their family or their lifelong partner. In the workforce, women in most countries receive only 60-75% of men’s wages (World Bank Gender Data Portal, 2015). In the Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism, it was stated that, “the informal slogan of the Decade of Women became Women do two-thirds of the world’s work, receive 10 percent of the world’s income and own 1 percent of the means of production,” which goes to show womens excessive efforts and being underappreciated and looked down upon (Robbins 354).
Wollstonecraft was a feminist who stood up for women’s rights and emphasized and focused her efforts on education and social rights for women. According to Jim Powell, because of her contributions to the society and making a call to action, she made clear to the society that “women and men were human beings endowed with inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” which essentially demanded for women to have a given right to education. Wollstonecraft stated that women should be able to work in businesses and pursue their dreams to work in the profession of their choice, and even be given the right to vote. This inspired women globally and impacted others views on women greatly. Wollstonecraft spoke what she believed and incorporated her personal experiences to guide her fellow audience which escalated her feminist movement. She strived to do what many other couldn’t because they lived in fear of failure, but Wollstonecraft was the only one from her siblings who was educated, and though it was minimal education, it resulted to her boost in confidence to pursue a writing career as she aspired to be.
Because of Wollstonecraft’s endless efforts of making a change to the society for women, I believe that she would fit in well with today’s women’s rights movement. Without her efforts during her time, the roles of women today would lack superiority and rights that women have gained since her existence. Women have progressed greatly and continue to do so as they slowly encounter and tackle each issue that is faced for being a women and begin to slowly dominate the world and become equal with men.


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