Books have the power to turn us into better people. A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness is my illustration of such a book. It shaped me into the compassionate, caring person I am today. This story is about a young boy, Connor, who is dealing with his mom having cancer that later dies at 12:07. This book has taught me three things in life; to understand the loss my cousin suffered, cherish every moment with my mom, and cope with struggle rather than avoid. Having a cousin who’s mom died after his first birthday showed me the power of the book to understand the loss that he had suffered. Just like how Connor was comforted by the, “monster,” I know that comfort and support can make all the difference to my cousin’s healing. I do not want him to be stuck in a blackness that is, “wrapping itself around his eyes, plugging his nose and overwhelming his mouth” (chapter 29 Ness). A Monster Calls does what all good literature can do to allow me to understand hardship clearly. By understanding Connor and my cousin’s hardships, I also learned to value my relationship with my mother. I will not know when my her “12:07” will come, but I know that, “the moment she would slip from my grasp, no matter how tightly I held on,” that will be the toughest moment of my life. Now I treat everyday as if it were our last with each other. One of the hardest truths in life is knowing that family does not last forever.

knows the truth but cannot accept it as a matter of fact and hence he builds up excuses or comforting lies because it is easier to avoid than face it. it is only a matter of time before the truth is inevitable and one no longer can live in the safety of those comforting lies. So that is how the mind is tormented between choosing and accepting it.

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