Bobak Ghasemi English coursework

I can see the trees leaves falling and showing the enjoyment near the beach in the afternoon and as the sun shines brightly,at this time it shows an attractive effect.It looks like heaven and angels standing near the sun and the sea,I feel the happiness around me and I am delighted to be here.At around 5-6 it is a great time and a great area to be at the time cause the sun shines so brightly and it makes an exclusive view.And the birds are flying around happily and are living a beautiful and a stealthy life.The seas life is very optimistic and a very chilly venue to live in especially ocean animals and flying animals,I’m sure they are glad to live in this such a pleasing place.
The birds have nowhere to live in the blue heaven pond, they have to fly a long trip to find their safety.The atmosphere looks like utopia and is absolutely peaceful and it seems happy, warm and enchanted.And I’m sure they will be truly blessed to be here.It made me feel like time or other man made items weren’t invented by people the world was invented by itself.This berth looks crucial and bright in addition it looks enormously perfect.This image in my head is cheered exhilarated and ecstatic,this venue makes me as happy as going to paradise,it changes the world in my mind and makes me think differently.No one can express this agony.
The birds are cheerful and joyful that they are in this creative and bright spot.In my experience this kinds of areas are meaningful to people because they are natural and a creative location to be in and people can be there alone and away from their everyday life.When I lifted my head off the mirror and saw this location in real life it straight away made feel fortunate.This is because this district is iconic and it makes me blessed,this epitome made me forget about the bad and think flawlessly in my life.Walking into this site was a very charmed event to happen in my life.

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The first thing that comes in my mind is how colorful and bright earth is and I cannot express how beautiful this area is.There are no such districts like this because it is very unique.I felt like there was no hatred and suffering in this world,this is the most memorable place and I love it here.During winter time my place was still beautiful because it is warm and stunning. It means a lot to me because it is beautiful and natural it is a clean and quiet place in a world of noise and dirty air.If you could walk couple more miles, you would come up a small bridge.Under this bridge was my favourite place.


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