What is self-love?  To me, it’s the moment we start loving and accepting who we really are and then recognizing what we need and putting our needs first.  To some it can sound and feel selfish because we have been raised to put others first.  But quite the contrary.  When we do this we begin to experience positive life shifts.  We became better parents, friends, employees, coaches, beings etc.  It’s actually something we are born knowing, but we then become programmed and we forget.  Babies come into this world with a knowing that their needs will be met and loving themselves in the purest way.  Self-love is the fuel we need.  Self-love helps to gain a true sense of self.  And as your self-love expands it helps you to create loving boundaries.  Remember, you are always teaching people how to treat you.  I want to share with you an experience that gave me a new understanding of self-love and renewed zest for life.  I had a scare with my physical body and it made me appreciate not only this smart vessel we are trusted with, but also to appreciate the people in my life.  I learned it’s ok to ask for help from people that love you.  It’s part of self-love because I was making sure my needs were being met.  It’s important to treat our bodies like a loving vessel.  Because being able to do the smallest task is a beautiful thing and quite scary when you cannot.  What I also learned is that we are more powerful than we realize.  When things get scary or uncomfortable we can take action always.  We may even surprise ourselves.  I know I did.  My friends were amazing during this process.  They helped me beyond words can even describe.  I have a deeper understanding for how we really are here to help each other.  We learn, grow and benefit from each other and are pulled together for many reasons.  This experience also helped me gain a deeper understanding for loving our physical selves, giving it what it needs and respecting its boundaries.  It’s only doing the best it can for us always.  So go on and start practicing self-love and don’t feel guilty about it.  So many people around you will benefit from it in more ways than you will know, but more importantly so will you!


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