Almost anyone you stop on the street would know what birth control is. Most people first think of the pill. Which is one of the most commonly consumed contraceptive among women. Since Trump’s presidency started he has made some cuts to certain organizations and products that get federal funding, including birth control and UNFPA. Millions of women are getting the birth control they need easily because of federal funding. The Trump Administration expanding the global gag rule, and employers rights on contraceptive coverage could be detrimental to women and their families. During Obama’s presidency he established federal funding for birth control under the Affordable Care Act(7). With cost and access no longer a barrier between women and birth control millions women have access to birth control because of Obama’s contraceptive coverage mandate(3). Changes being made by the Trump Administration will impact the millions of women that are receiving this coverage. The effect of this decision is being downplayed by Administration officials but is being portrayed as huge by women’s advocacy and rights groups. The reality of the situation either way is employers can now deny women coverage for their contraceptive care. The new rule to rollback on the birth control coverage mandate will affect women that receive contraceptive coverage under the Affordable Care Act. What this means is that employers will now be able to choose if they will provide coverage under their health plan for contraceptives. The decision as to whether an employer will offer it will be over moral or religious beliefs. More than fifty-five million women get their birth control covered by this mandate(3). It is unknown of how many women it will really affect because of the fact that it is not known as to how many employers didn’t provide contraceptive coverage. (10)The global gag rule was admitted by Trump in January. This rule blocks US federal funding for non-government related organizations that provide any type of  abortion services. Including advocate to decriminalize abortion or expand abortion services. UNFPA was one of the organizations that were federally funded but it was eliminated. The organization has the “mission to champion maternal and child health across the globe.” Others such as HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, maternal and child health, and zika programs will be suppressed from all global health funding from the government(1).Although Health and Human Services officials said the new rule would have no impact on 99.9% of women, but the percentage is inaccurate. It was based off of the 165 million women in the America, and many of them are not in “childbearing” years or getting the coverage. It’s unsure of how many women will really lose access to free birth control. Not knowing how many employers or insurers that didn’t cover it before the Affordable Care Act make sit hard to predict who will want dispensation(10).In May Trump had signed an executive order claiming “to protect and vigorously promote religious liberty” by providing “regulatory relief”. That’s for employers that deny contraceptive coverage for religious beliefs. Complaints have been filed by  US District Court for the Northern District of California. It’s believed that the rule violates Amendments by favoring certain religious fews and discriminating against women(10). Trump’s ending a lot of funding that will affect women and their families. These organizations are giving access to so many women and helping them get the treatment they need. Planned Parenthood is one of these organizations and it plays a crucial role in this situation. The organization serves a greater share of women who get contraceptive care. Nationwide Planned Parenthood has become a trusted provider for birth control and reproductive health care for women for decades. Offering a wider range of birth control, most sites offered the full range of FDA approved birth control methods(8).It’s important for women to get the right kind of birth control the correct way. The two rules of expanding employers rights to deny contraceptive coverage, and federal funding to organizations that provide reproductive and contraceptive care will make that harder for women across the nation. Trump does not stop there. The Administration is also cutting funding for teen pregnancy prevention centers. Only making it through three years of a five year plan, programs federally funded received a letter around the Fourth of July saying that funding would end the next June. Eighty-four grants are currently being funded to reduce teenage pregnancies.  Health and Human services said in an email sent to CNN that the program didn’t seem to be as effective so they are “hitting the pause button”. Although teen births are at record lows, sexually transmitted diseases, and infection are at record highs. This could possibly seen as yet, another attack on women by the Trump Administration(9). If these rules get passed lives of millions of women across the nation will change. It’s important for women to get the treatment and care that they need the right way. Women and girls of all ages will be hurt by this. A source shows that throughout the years of 2011-2015, 61.7% of girls and women ages 15-44 use contraception. Multiple types of contraception was used and some of them more costly than others. Although there are many options the right one for someone could very well be the most expensive. The 38.3% of women who don’t use contraception, 19% of them don’t have sexual intercourse. The rest of the percentage is either pregnant, postpartum, or is seeking pregnancy. Many women take birth control for multiple reasons not just as a pregnancy preventer. It’s to help with menstrual cycle symptoms such as acne, back aches, cramps, and more. Many young girls are using birth control as a way to prevent pregnancy. Cutting federally funding for organizations and programs that help guide young girls and inform them could be detrimental. It’s important for women to know these things about their bodies, and their rights. Some of these things are uncomfortable for women to talk about it=but organizations like planned parenthood and teen pregnancy prevention centers offer a place of solitude. A place that women and girls can feel welcoming for all of their questions and concerns. Attacks have been made on women since the beginning of time. From not being able to vote to having our access to birth control being taken away. Birth control is just a portion of the issues the Trump Administration is creating for women across the nation. The outcome of these decisions being made could be damaging for these women and their families.


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