The end of the civil war and the possible triumph for the Nigerian army put a concise stop to secession plans by the Biafran. (Owechue, 2004) However, the fundamentals were not tended to in the interregnum, consequently, agitations are reemerging. (Agbu, 2004) More than forty-five years after the finish of the civil war, the agitations for separation, which have been irregular, have continued with a renewed measurement, and the Igbo ruled South-East geopolitical zone and whatever remains of Nigeria could be setting out toward an untidy separation with genuine political and monetary results for the two gatherings. While the Biafra of around 1967-1970 was vanquished, the rebel soul of that war still waits among many, particularly with the arrival of popular government in 1999 with the arrangement of the Ralph Uwazurike drove Movement For The Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB). (Collier, 2002) Things however did not heighten basically until 2005 when MASSOB reintroduced the Biafran Pound into stream. The move was met with startling intensity in the South East and the Obasanjo government moved to crush the vitality by catching Uwazurike, keeping him detained until the Yaradua government released him in 2007. Moves like the dispatch of the Biafran Passport in 2009 provoked a re-capture of Uwazurike and his partners, inciting the Jonathan’s administration to announce the movement a fear based oppressor bunch simply like the Boko Haram aggregate in the year 2013. (Onuoha, 2013) The capture of Nnamdi Kanu has conveyed to the bleeding edge a clatter for a rebel Biafran nation. The pretended by Kanu, and his movement, the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, demonstrates that unless the issue is handled at its source, more current and more troublesome movements among more youthful ages requesting for either Biafra or some other ethnic based national recognizable proof will continue expanding. (ICG, 2015) This paper does not present a defense either for or against the autonomy of the Igbo individuals of Nigeria. The reason for this paper is to exactly look at the impact of IPOB’s renewed agitation, government react, its reasonability, and the level of help it appreciates which impartially give a body of evidence to or against the agitators.


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