ART, ELECTRONIC VOTING, ACTUARIES, MUSIC … THE BLOCKCHAIN ??IS NOT LIMITED TO BITCOIN: WHEREVER THERE IS A TRANSACTION, THE BLOCKCHAIN ??CAN INTERVENE AS A MEANS OF SECURITY.Blockchain is the emerging technology that makes it possible to secure a transaction in a completely transparent and decentralized way. Experiments around the blockchain began in very different areas. Known to the general public with the appearance of cryptocurrency, which Bitcoin is the most illustrious representative, this new way of securing transactions without a single intermediary is progressively seeing its field of action expand.1 – BLOCKPAD, BLOCKCHAIN ??DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORKBlockPad is a Linux-based framework that provides you with several Blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, NXT (and many more) as well as dedicated development tools to simplify and make Blockchain technology accessible to everybody.2 – A SECURE BLOCKCHAIN FOR THE ART MARKETA startup that is developing in the art world. With the ambition to revolutionize this aging market, the startup Seezart wants to offer seamless traceability, certification and security based on Blockchain technology for one of the last unregulated markets that is heavily affected by fraud.3- BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY AS A NEW CUSTOMER SERVICE VECTORThe Veolia Group’s Research & Innovation sector wanted to study the use of Blockchain technologies as a means of providing a service to customers by providing a “turnkey” Blockchain system. The use case was as follows: it is proposed to a Veolia Group customer, equipped with a cogeneration unit, to use a Blockchain system in order to value its surplus energy by allowing it to resell or upgrade surpluses.4 – BLOCKCHAIN AND INTERNATIONAL IDENTIFIERS OF MUSICDue to the explosion of the digital music market on the Internet, it has become increasingly difficult for copyright companies to collect these rights on a regular and understandable basis for suppliers. In order to solve this problem and establish a reliable database for all players in the music industry, the students worked on the establishment of a Blockchain globalizing the data of the various copyright societies and sites. referencing these international identifiers and establishing a degree of confidence on each of these information contained in the ledger.5 – BLOCKCHAIN AND SMART CONTRACTS FOR THE ACTUARIALA Continuous Professional Development (CPD) plan, a declarative principle based on trust, is put in place to define the minimum requirements that actuaries must meet to obtain the Institute of Actuaries certification (publications, conferences, etc.) . But how to make this device more innovative and secure to facilitate inspections? With this project, students created a Blockchain and set up smart contracts to automatically verify the number of CPP points for each actuary in order to issue a certification at the end of each year.6 – USE OF BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY FOR ELECTRONIC VOTINGTo design this e-voting system, the students used Blockchain Ethereum more particularly “test rpc” which allows to generate accounts with a public key and a private key. They also learned and used the language “solidity” that allows to create smart contracts.7 – APPLICATION OF CROWDFUNDING ON BLOCKCHAIN ETHEREUMAbie Fund is a decentralized crowdfunding application deployed on Ethereum. The purpose of this application is to allow all people to participate in the financing of various projects focused on a global theme (humanitarian, environmental, etc.). What differentiates this application from existing crowdfunding sites is that it is based on the Ethereum decentralized platform. Therefore, the donations of the users will be in ether, which represents the main currency of Ethereum. Each donation gives the right to vote or not for each proposed project. Finally, the project that will have the most votes will be funded by donations collected.8 – UNBLOCK IT: UNDERSTAND BLOCKCHAINStudents took on the challenge of creating a tool that could explain Blockchain, making this mysterious technology an understandable and usable topic for many. In order to avoid boring or incomprehensible courses for people with no scientific knowledge, their teaching method consists of a complete and simplified explanation of the Blockchain. Thus, in addition to starting from scratch, they used an approach in which content accessibility is promoted. This approach aims to propose a relevant product.9 – PROOF OF CONCEPT OF BLOCKCHAIN ETHEREUM The project is based on the implementation of a Proof of Concept (POC) for the ELCIMAI group. The idea was to prove the usefulness and added value of securing bank transactions using a Blockchain process.


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