Before the establishment of the thirteen colonies, the American woman was with no identity, entity or existence in the social life, but after a long time of dormancy, she decided to stand up and fight for her rights to show that she was also a human being like men. But until 1960s, the important role of woman in society was ignored.
Because of this ignorance, they tried to make their voices higher than before to be heard, and as a result they were able to put their touch in different spheres such as: economy, politics, science, literature…etc. So, they had made use of this privilege to made their movements and requirements more powerful and acceptable in their society.
Some of those women chose to turn their emotions and thoughts into words to be able to show how much they were suffering and the injustices of society. Many women choose to express their ideas and feeling by writing poetry, they saw it as a way for deliverance from a society that marginalized them and considered them as property not as a human.
By the late of 20thc, postmodern era was developed, the thinking way of people had changed,and they rejected Modernism and Enlighten values that controlled society for centuries. The writers of that era had different way in looking to literature and to the themes that should be written about. Maya Angelou was one of those writers, who has refused the old system of society, and looked for refreshing and establishing new system.
In here poem “Still I Rise” 1978 she wrote about her suffering as a black person and as a woman, and how her hopeful determination made her stand and rise again and again as the title of the poem has suggested.
We selected this topic “Woman In American Poetry: The Contribution Of “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou In Postmodern Literature”,specifically, due to many reasons .Firstly, we naturally as women found ourselves attracted to this topic since it deals with women issues. Secondly, the fact that we are now as women, have the right to vote, educate, work and get equal payment as men…etc. this traits have come from the struggle of women in the past, and this struggle is normally reflected in literature and poetry, so we want to know more about this struggle. In addition to that, it is because of our interest to learn more about USA history, civilization and literature.


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