After decades of
steroid usage in sports in professional sports, it has to come to an end.
Steroid use is always the top headline and Olympic athletes are being stricken
with claims that they abused steroids. These athletes are later stripped of
their medals and fame from doping. There is often suspicion of some athletes
using steroids because they bulk up so fast, while its taking a severe hit on
their health. These athletes think that steroids can get them to the next level
of competition. These athletes should be punished more severely and the sport
commissions should be far stricter. Even the fans see it as cheating and they
are starting to think the sport is corrupt. The real question is should the
sports analysts even take statistics if they suspect them of cheating?


 Professional sports often hurt your body
because the level of competition is high and you always are trying to push your
body to do better then the competitors. When these players start doing well
they earn lots of money and fame comes along with that. But when the player
gets injured they seem to lose that fame so they go to steroids. Steroids
speeds up healing on muscles and often times a trainer will encourage them to
use steroids but they don’t tell them the negative side effects. Steroids
actually increase the chance of you getting injured because your body isn’t
ready to support all the extra muscle mass from taking steroids and your joint
wear out quicker and your muscles are in constant strain. If the fans find out
its just as bad, they consider you a cheater and some of those people looked up
to the athlete as a hero.

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On one side of the
story, steroid usage can be ok to use because it does help with pain caused by
injury as well as speed up the healing process, but it still carries those
negative side effects. Older athletes are more prone to using steroids because
they want to keep u with the younger generations and still compete. The
athletes may also take P.E.D’s because it makes you more physically appealing
but that’s one way to easily to get caught because steroids changes a persons
appearance rapidly. Another reason for steroid use is to attempt to break
records set by the previous champions of the sport and get the fame that comes
along with it. The NFL did a study and asked 2000 former football players if
they have used any sort of performance enhancing drug and the results came back
to say a significant amount of the player have used or were pressured to take
P.E.Ds sometime in their professional career.


When a athletes body
and career is reaching the tail end, they fall to steroid use so they can
continue to please their fans, fellow teammates and coaches so their team can
continue winning for seasons to come. New players joining the sport are
inclined to use because it with kick start their career and boost their fan
baseball and money supply. In major league baseball superstars like Manny
Ramirez and Alex Rodriguez used anabolic steroids in the final stages of their
career so they could keep up with the younger, fitter stars and to reclaim
their spots of the stat chart. NFL players side to steroid usage because many
of their careers are so short  and the
season only has 12 games so they have to be at top performance almost always or
else they may get released from the team.


All the sports committees
deeply forbid using any type of P.E.D including the Olympic committee, but
still more and more athletes are getting caught each and every year. Part of
the problem is that steroids are easy to get in many places, some countries
even offer them over the counter at drugstores. These steroid regulations need
to be enforced more or else steroids usage will be a longstanding issue and the
leagues bend the rules for the star athletes so they can continue to rake in
large sums of money. . Professional sport should be natural skill obtained buy intense
training not just synthetic skill from steroids.


In conclusion
players have the option to take steroids and may have their own reasons, but I truly
think steroids should be abolished because it gives the sport a bad reputation from
the cheaters, as well as the users will likely have a serious injury later on
in there careers which would be catastrophic.. if a player get caught I think
the punishment should be far more severe like to be banned from the sport for a
extended period of time . its sad that players go to steroid usage because many
young kids see them as hero’s and they strive to be like them in the future






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