The revolutionary war was a war between the American colonists and England. The French also fought alongside the colonists to help them gain freedom from England. The colonists were fighting for freedom because they believed England was being unfair with new laws for the colonies. The war lasted from the spring of 1775 to the fall 1783.There were many battles throughout the course of the war. They were fought on land and on sea. I believe that three of the most important battles were the battle of Bunker Hill, the battle of Long Island and the battle of Yorktown. Although there were many battles fought, these three had a major impact on the outcome of the war.In the battle of Bunker Hill, most of the fighting actually occurred at nearby Breed’s Hill, outside of Boston.  This battle was one of the first major battles of the war, many colonists and British soldiers died. Before the fight, the colonists general, William Prescott said, “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes!”  because back then, guns didn’t have good aim and neither did many of the colonists.  Unfortunately, England won the fight but the damage to the British was a great confidence and morale booster for the colonists. Afterwards, England saw how costly the war was going to be and realized this was not going to be a quick war. The battle occured on June 17, 1775. In the battle of Long Island, general George Washington found out that the British would be attacking in days. The british sailed to the shore, where Washington had 11,000 troops waiting. At the time, New York was a big port town for ships so they could bring materials in. So, the british sailed to Long Island, and attacked. They first went to the front, getting smashed by the colonists. Next, they went to the side and went into a full-on battle. Last, they snuck around the back and attacked fiercely. The colonists were surrounded. Many troops died. So, general Howe thought we would surrender so he set up camp and waited. Instead, in the dead of night, Washington evacuated back to Pennsylvania in the fog and rain. Weeks later, the British captured New York, this was a major defeat and loss of a major port town but Washington’s retreat had saved many troops and supplies, giving us a chance to fight another day.  The battle occured on August 27, 1776. In the final battle of the war, the siege of Yorktown, the patriots and the French had as many as  17,000 combined troops and the British had 8,000. The battle was long lasting, it went on for nearly a month. The French came in from the Atlantic Ocean with their many ships, General Washington brought in troops from the north and after weeks of fighting the British finally surrendered and started negotiations for peace.  When the British prime minister heard the news he said; “Oh God, it’s all over.” so it was.  During the surrender, the British tried to surrender to the French, but they told them to surrender to the colonists.  General Cornwallis pretended to be ill, so Brigadier General Charles O’hara attended on his behalf. The battle lasted from September 28, 1781 to October 19, 1781.  Although battles continued between sides at sea, this victory for the continental army was the end of the war in the American colonies.   There were many battles in the Revolutionary War. These few battles to me are some of the most important. The battle of Bunker Hill, it proved to the British that this was not going to be a quick war. The battle of Long Island showed that even though it looked like we were going to lose the war, we didn’t give up and Washington was becoming a wise leader. The battle of Yorktown, the colonists got some help from the French, and after weeks of fighting, the British were surrounded and they gave up. At the time of the Revolutionary War, the British were a powerful empire  and a tiny group of their colonists  had enough. So, they got some help from the French, and the colonists pulled through and won the war. The battle lasted six years, but the colonists managed to pull it off and win the war and make what we call The United States of America today.


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