Learning Objectives

Research and Background Work:

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is a summary of the research and background information of our client ADE- Arizona
Department of Education.

About the Client – Arizona Department
of Education:

Arizona Department of Education (ADE)
is a state level agency involved in regulating public education for the
state of Arizona in the United States of America. It’s headquarters are at 1535
West Jefferson Street in Downtown, Phoenix, Arizona.  

ADE is headed by the state Superintendent of Public Instruction,
an elected position. The current superintendent is Diane Douglas.

The mission of the Arizona Department
of Education is to serve Arizona’s education community, ensuring every child
has access to an excellent education.

This organisation is unique in the
sense that it is the only state level agency led by a publicly elected
official. The office of Superintendent of Public Instruction has existed in
Arizona since the state’s inception, being included in the first Arizona
constitution. The K-12 public education system in Arizona is overseen by the Superintendent
of Public Instruction and the staff of the agency.

Below are some facts about the

The Arizona Department of Education supports 15
county-level education agencies, more than 200 public school districts,
over 400 charter holders, and 13 Joint Technological Education Districts
More than 1.1 million students attend publicly funded
K-12 schools in Arizona. Approximately 950,000 of those students attend
one of more than 1,700 traditional public schools, with the remainder
attending one of more than 500 charter schools in the state.
Arizona is home to approximately 90,000 certified
teachers, with 50,000 working in traditional K-12 schools and 10,000 in
charter schools.

The point of contact for this client is presently supposed to be
Lisa Blyler , as informed to me and my team members.

AZ Merit Online Reporting Guide:

AZ Merit is a computer-based test which provides
engaging questions and measures critical thinking

skills for college and career readiness. AzMERIT is
aligned to Arizona’s state learning standards which


detail what students should be able to do at each
grade level. The test is designed to measure student

learning and progress towards readiness for college
or career

Students in Grades 3 through 8 will take AzMERIT in
English Language Arts and Math at their grade level.

The English Language Arts test includes a writing
portion and a reading portion

High school students will take AzMERIT End-of-
Course (EOC) tests in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math that will test their
proficiency in these subjects.

AZDash portal:

AZDash summarizes
and displays student performance data in easy-to-use interactive dashboards,
saving teachers a lot of  time and Local
Education Agencys (LEA) money.

AZDash has been designed by Arizona educators

This dash portal enables education
professionals  to monitor student
performance over the years, giving them access up to 10 years of data in seconds.
Summative data is available at LEA,
school, grade, and class levels.
Data extracts are from state assessments
to individual attendance.

      Benefits of this

Educators can access class scoped
statistical snapshots almost instantly.
The dashboards’ analytical features
enable teachers to create individualized instruction based on each
student’s needs.
This can also help teachers in student
strengths and weaknesses ,thus helping in the formulation of corrective
and supportive measures.

  Dashboards which are categorized and available
to view through AZDash are:

Assessment Dashboard

 Information found on this dashboard:

Student Name,
Birthdate , Gender, Ethnicity

Current and Assessment
Grade Level
Assessment, Enrollment
and Attendance History

Analytics tools (Tableau, Power BI):


Tableau  is a data visualization software that lets us visualize
and interpret data within a very short span of time. It can be used to connect to RDBMS, excel spreadsheets OLAP cubes and
cloud databases .The tool utilizes drag and
drop mechanism to create visualizations, and provides advanced sharing feature facilitating
access to many users with a single click.

It is available for use in
the five following ways : Reader, and Public (free to use),Desktop (professional
and personal editions), Server, Online.

The software offers many
benefits include the following:

Manufacture visual
patterns on the go with ease and speed.

Whether it’s in a
spreadsheet, a SQL database, Hadoop, or the cloud, you can connect to any data,

Identify trends and
business opportunities and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Create interactive
presentations. Control the narrative while allowing your audience to explore.

Real analytics demands
more than a pretty dashboard. Experiment with trend analyses, regressions and

Publish a dashboard with
a few clicks to share it live on the web and on mobile devices.

Power BI:

Power BI provides business analytics and
intelligence tools provided by the tech giant Microsoft, to enable and provide
actionable insights into the workings of an organization. It can be used to
connect to multiple data sources and perform ad-hoc analysis. It can also be
used to personalize dashboards, create informative reports providing us an overall
perspective of their business.

One unique identifier of PowerBI
is its ability to load custom visualizations.

It provides interactive visualizations with self-service business intelligence capabilities, where end users can create reports and
dashboards by themselves, without having to depend on information technology staff or database administrators.

It offers data warehouse capabilities including data preparation, data discovery and interactive dashboards. 

 Personal Goals:

            After thoughtful consideration, I feel
that I would like to accomplish the following goals while working on this

Develop a
series of student performance management dashboard that consolidates and
presents student performance  data in easy-to-use
interactive dashboards

Learn the
art of visually representing data so that it’s easier to understand and
communicate to non-technical personnel.

I hope to
do so by creating dashboards using software’s like Tableau and Power BI.

I believe
this will help me in my career greatly as I aspire to seek roles like Data
Analyst / Data Scientist in the IT industry, upon completion of my graduation.




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