at st marys we all work with others in our daily working life to give good services that we provide to residents. it is important to maintain happy relationships with all those people we work with to ensure that our work gets done efficiently so that our residents receive the service they require. as well as making your workplace more enjoyable to work in the residents will benefit from better service as everyone works as a team. within st marys we carry out regular audits of communication between our home and other professionals detailing outcomes of appointments and ensuring that all residents have been seen by the gp dentist optician chiropodist at least annually. this is to meet outcome 6 of the care quality commissions essential standards outcome 6 focuses on cooperating with other provides and ensuring that there are no interruptions to the continuity of care treatment and support for residents. the article describes the main policies and procedures that can be used by care providers; the challenges that can occur when cooperating with other providers and what care providers can do to demonstrate excellence across care quality commission outcomes.


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