Candidate’s Name:
Assessor’s Name: Debbie James
Award:HSC Extended Diploma
Level: 2 Pin No:
Unit: HSC M2 – Human Growth and Development
Task 1 Evidence method: Criteria to be covered:
Create a booklet which provides information about human growth and development. The booklet will be divided into the following sections:
Section 1: Life stages and development
Outline the life stages of human growth and development. (D1 1.1)
Select one (1) life stage and outline social, emotional, cognitive and physical development within this life stage. (D2 1.2)
Describe holistic development. Please give examples to support the description. (D3 1.3)
Section 2: Influences on human growth and development
Outline the nature versus nurture debate in relation to human growth and development. (C1 2.1)
Discuss 4 factors which impact upon human growth and development. (C2 2.3)
Outline significant life events across each life stage. (C3 3.1)
Explain the impact that significant life events may have on an individual. (A1 3.2)
Section 3: Meeting care needs Outline the:
Medical model of health and well-being
Social model of health and well-being. (B1 2.2)
Describe care needs of individuals through each life stage. (C4 4.1)
Explain the importance of recognising and responding to concerns regarding an individual’s growth and development. (B2 2.4)
Explain how health and social care services meet the care needs of individuals through the life stages. Examples must be used to support the explanation.
(A*1 4.2)
D1 – 1.1
D2 – 1.2
D3 – 1.3
C1 – 2.1
C2 – 2.3
C3 – 3.1
C4 – 4.1
B1 – 2.2
B2 – 2.4
A1 – 3.2
A*1 – 4.2
Plan discussed and agreed:
Candidate’s signature:
Assessor’s signature: DJames Date:
To pass this unit at D grade all D criteria assessment of learning must be achieved including: a minimum of one (1) relevant and traceable reference. (D4)
To pass this unit at B grade all D, C and B criteria assessment of learning must be achieved including: a minimum of two (2) relevant and traceable references and a reference list. (B3)
To pass this unit at A* all D, C, B, A and A* criteria assessment of learning must be achieved and reference must be present throughout to show evidence of knowledge and understanding gained from wider reading. References must be relevant and traceable. (A*2)


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