are emerging in many areas. We read about them in the newspapers almost every
day; about drone strikes in war, about robots in nursing homes keeping the elderly
company or about cars with the ability to park or even drive without human  management. The development seems to go from industrial robots, confined in certain
areas, tomachines
and systems with increasing levels of autonomy, with the singularity machines
outsmarting humans and science fiction movies like Terminator or I, Robot at
the far, more speculative end of the spectrum. there is no universally accepted
definition of autonomy. a basic idea is the ability to be off on one’s own,
making decisions of one’s own without the influence of someone else, but
definitions vary between contexts. Thinking or reasoning is a loaded term when applied to machines, dating
back to the “debate” between Alan Turing, asking the question “Can Machines
Think?” (Turing 1950) and John Searle’s thought experiment “The Chinese Room”
(1980), The philosophically interesting questions surrounding autonomous
systems can be divided into different categories. One category of questions
concerns the ethics of using autonomous systems. There are for instance issues
of rights, privacy, safety and dignity. Should we replace humans with robots?
What about unemployment? If worker are replaced by robots, will the production
and efficiency be affected? Our project is focus on using robots in industries.
A lot of money is being spent on robots and robots that are even lethal. It is
argued that the use of autonomous robots in various places that may affect the
efficiency of productionthe
industry is moving from current state of automation to Robot to increase
productivity and to deliver of uniform quality. A robot’s work gives the same
result each time as opposed to the human. The quality and capability to repeat
precise movements makes it easy to increase the speed of the process. the
course of implementation  

involves the visual access to data that is a map
showing path of movement. The question arises that how to create an autonomous
mobile manipulator that maps area as well as identifies objects, pick them and
return to initial position We make our task more challenging the return path
will be implemented using our own algorithm

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