As the issues of public concern have been so negative towards the sector, the public views have been changed in a more negative opinion. The public can be more cautious as to what schools they send their children in and how that school is run. As the years progress children and young people are becoming more and more invested with social media and the internet, and with this a lot of issues have raised. For example students sending each other explicit photos/videos of each other or having is shared around the school and in some cases schools are aware of this happening and parents are not made aware. It is important that the public feel reassured that their children are not being exploited and are using the internet safely.

5.4 Department of education have proclaimed new plans intended to improve the quality and reduce the cost of child care in the UK which are the following below
• establishing new early years teachers
• making childcare qualifications more important and demanding when hiring
• increase the numbers of OFSTED inspectors to progress the quality of early years inspections
• more qualified and trained staff for schools and nurseries.

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