As my translation progresses, it starts to stray from the original poem. This has happened because I have chosen for make rhyming a priority for the poem rather than for my translation to be the distorted mirror image to “do not stand at my grave and weep”. I feel it was important to include rhyme because in Mary Elizabeth Frye’s poem her use of rhyme at the end of the line is extremely effective as it controls the way the poem is read. Towards the end, I used the words “hair” and “rare”. Although they are not directly related (concerning word definition) to any of Mary’s rhyming couplets, I think that the lines project the same sentiment overall. My decisions led me to choose to make repetition prominent since Mary does, this is noticeable when I repeated the word “morning” but for two different meanings. I believe this to be essential because the meaning of the word is made to be more prominent by repetition.


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