As Jesus Christ said, from the beginning, men and women were meant to marry and become one flesh together as mutual partners, bound for life therefore what God has joined together, let no one pull apart. (Matthew 19:4-6). God didn’t plan married couples for divorce. God wants us to be, “Be fruitful, and increase in number, fill the earth and subdue it”. (Genesis 1:28).
Divorce in the Philippines has been a matter for some many years. As a matter of fact, besides of Vatican the Philippines is the only country in the world besides that does not authorize divorce, mostly because of religion (de Leon, 2014). However, The House of Representatives Committee on Population and Family Relations made history when it presents a divorce bill for plenary deliberations for the first time. The bill that consolidated all proposals to legalize divorce and dissolution of marriage has been approved. The approval by the committee came after the substitute bill was passing on by the technical working group led by Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman, also the author of the Reproductive Health Law in the 15th Congress (ABS-CBN news). The bill consolidated all proposals to legalize divorce and dissolution of marriage. However, it is important to know and realize in detail the different reasons that divorce can affect children, women, men, society, and most importantly it is against the will of God.


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