As a student new to the IB program, I believe it will enhance my academic progress, allow me to cooperate with other students, as well as guide me on dedicating more time for my daily lifestyle. However, I was glad to see there were some attributes I already possess.

The system of the IB pulls students to cooperate and learn about one another. I believe it is a responsibility to be welcoming to peers and listen to the range of views from the wide range of nationalities. I believe this program is a start to a loving community. Curiosity and inquiry, in my viewpoint, is what keeps the mind alive. I will choose the complex method of solving a problem just for the sake of curiosity. I ask a person for advice if I’m doing something incorrectly.

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My previous school gave us numerous exams; 8 exams weekly. Therefore, we were forced to focus on education with no activities in between. I found it as a major issue, considering that I couldn’t spend some time off and unwind or go swimming. I imagine that this program will balance the physical and educational time evenly.

Conclusively, being an inquirer and an openminded person, in my perspective will help me fit in the IB community. The process of asking more will assist in learning more. Being more outgoing will build a friendly environment. I believe the intellectual, physical, and emotional balance will achieve well-being.


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