Are you the type of person who just cannot seem to get any work done until the moment it is due? If you are, I gladly welcome you to the world of endless procrastination. In fact, I am procrastinating this very second. While students frequently procrastinate—putting off their homework until the very last minute—they just do not know the reason why. However, there is no doubt that most students want to seek ways not to procrastinate, since putting off work does not seem to help students out whatsoever.
In order to overcome procrastination, first you need to understand the science behind it. Procrastinating is actually an intrinsic characteristic for humans, if not for all animals. We have the prefrontal cortex in our brain which is responsible for absorbing information and making decisions. However, the decision making stage is not autonomic. Unless we are continuously keeping on track of the task that we have at hand, our limbic system, the system that controls our emotions and motivations, takes over. Thus, we cannot help but give in to what makes us feel better at the present, which leads to procrastination.
Although procrastinating is a biological behaviour of ours, it is not to say that it cannot be beaten back. Many psychologists agree that time management and mood repair will help people finish their task on time.


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