April 9th, 1865, the day that changed everything. The meeting at Appomattox Court House that took place between Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee brough the civil war to its end. These two men who played a big role in American history are very similar but very different.
Ulysses S. Grant grew up the hard way and always looked forward to the future. He firmly believed in democracy because he grew up in a democracy. Grant never felt that owed anyone anything. He was independant and believed his success went along with his countries success. He fought persistently because he believed in constant growth because if the country succeeded so did he. He was a good soldier and he had the ability to think quickly which would put him one step ahead of his enemies. “The westerner on the other hand, would fight with an equal tenacity for the broader concept of society.” (Catton, 11)
Robert E. Lee believed in a class system. He thought that a “leisure class” would be the leaders of a country. In contrast to Grant who believed in democracy, Lee thought that if you were privileged enough to not have to work that you were qualified to be a leader. However, Grant and Lee were not all different, Lee too was a good soldier. He was resourceful and like Grant a quick thinker. Also, Grant and Lee both had the ability to transition from war to peace after everything was finished. “Out of the way these two men acted at Appomattox came the possibility of peace of reconciliation.” (Catton, 16)
In conclusion, These two men who played a big role in American history are very similar but very different. They both had a huge impact on America even though they came from different backgrounds and had different beliefs they had similar fighting styles and they both wanted peace in the end.


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