When researching the web for scholarships to pursue my postgraduate masters, your organisation
clearly stood out among other leading scholarship bodies. Highly aware of your dedication to
socio-economic development and aid towards developing nations worldwide, prompted me to
apply for the O.F.I.D scholarship. I’ve been thinking of becoming a structural engineer for a long
time. To accomplish my goals, I realise that I must pursue a postgraduate masters, and wish to
start in August/September 2017. I gained a space at (name of University) to study (name of
course) but could not afford the fund, as you know college education is quite expensive, but it is
an investment that is certainly worthwhile. I believe with the opportunity your scholarship will
provide, I will add value to my country’s education and infrastructural sector.
It all started when I was returning home from school during my junior secondary education and I
was amazed by the design of bridges and high rise buildings I saw, and said to my friends this is
going to be my future profession. Been persevered, I relocated to a science driven school. I
reluctantly joined the science stream, though my guardian wanted me to be part of the
commercial stream, opting for engineering science and technical drawing as optional subjects.
After my final high school exams, I wanted to go to the university, but due to financial
constraints, I went to a technical college to study civil engineering and building construction,
whose fees were relatively cheap and allows for part payment. During this period I also
embarked on voluntary supervision with the Moyamba district council in the construction of
roads and buildings. After completing my Higher National Diploma, I was employed as a road
supervisor at the Sierra Leone Roads Authority. I undertook voluntary part time teaching job in
mathematics and science at a vocational secondary school in Moyamba Town. With three years
of working experience, I wanted to pursue my undergraduate studies but could not afford the
fund since I was earning about USD $290 as monthly salary, but with my vision and passion in
mind, I decided to take a loan from my employer which was deducted from my salary on a
monthly basis. I sailed through successfully with a bachelor of engineering with honours in civil,
second class upper division.
My future aim is to become an expert in bridge design and other water/earth retaining structures;
whether in the area of calculations or use of design software. During the course of my
undergraduate studies, I design a reinforced concrete bridge as my final dissertation thesis. As
being part of the team that works on the concept of building sustainable roads and bridges, I
would use the knowledge acquired in order to enhance the institutional goals towards the
improvement of the country’s infrastructural sector. As passionately committed to the socio-
economic development of the country, I will impart knowledge gained to young future engineers
by engaging in part time lectures in university, conducting public lectures, training and practice
in ways that will strengthen an enduring and creative profession; thereby encouraging young
intelligent students for pursuit.

I believe with these experience and quality of thirst for knowledge, I would be a better structural
engineer if given this opportunity to pursue my dream. I hope that your organisation can help me
achieve this long awaited dream by awarding me your scholarship.

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