Animal farm is a utopia book based on the lives of animals on a farm. The farms owner Mr Jones is a mean man who Ill-treats the animals. One the farmer locks the animals away and thus begins the plot of an animal rebellion against the human farm owner.
This rebellion is led by a wise pig named old Major, Old major encourages the animals to get along and to treat each other fairly. Old major passes away a couple of days after suggesting the rebellion against the humans. After the death of old Major, 3 pigs (Napoleon, Squealer and Snowball) take over the rebellion.
The animals, through working together manage to chase the humans off the farm and the animals are now left to fend for themselves.
The animals continue with trying to fend for themselves by creating a list of 7 commandments (7 commandments of animalism) on which to live off of. These commandments are not to be broken but to be followed by every animal on the farm. The commandments states that all animals are equal and should be treated as such. In the beginning the rebellion is a form of communism where the animals believe they have the power to rule over the farm together as equals but this quickly turns into a twisted democracy which later reveals it’s self as a dictatorship.
Under the leadership of the pigs the animals work hard to be productive on the farm and they are successful. Things start to take a turn when the food isn’t divided equally and not all animals are working.
A fight ensues amidst the 2 pigs in power (snowball and Napoleon). Snowball is run off the farm and Napoleon continues to lie to the animals with the help of squealer the manipulator. This continue to deteriorate on the farm and in the end the animals turn into everything they said they wouldn’t, they turn into the humans they once despised so much.


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