Andrew Carnegie, the Hero!

A hero is a person who is selfless, dedicated, caring, self made, hardworking, and determined. Andrew Carnegie may not have had superpowers, but he was definitely a hero. His superpower was his desire to help promote the health, happiness, and fortune of others. Andrew Carnegie’s philanthropy made him a hero because he was self made, cared for the public, and donated tons to charity. He was a benevolent man.
Carnegie acquired a characteristic of a hero, he was self made. As said in the background essay, “Andrew Carnegie grew up poor… In 1848, with poverty pressing in around them, the Carnegies left Scotland for a new life in the United States.” At age 12, when the family arrived in Pittsburgh, he and his family of four lived in an attic room above his father’s weaver’s shop along with another family, as shown in the photos courtesy of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. It is proven that Carnegie is self made because within the photos, another image shows the Skibo Castle in Dornoch Firth, Scotland, which Andrew Carnegie purchased in 1897. The comparison of the annual rent of the first image, and the renovation cost of the second image was $20 to $10,000,000. Carnegie made life look easy. In the year of 1901, Carnegie even became the richest man in America! He had gone a long way since his beginning. After many years of overcoming obstacles through hard work and determination to succeed, Andrew Carnegie is a self made hero.
Not to mention, Carnegie cared for the public, genuinely. He was caring and dedicated. Andrew Carnegie played a huge part in the industrial revolution. He created jobs, for example, when renovating the Skibo Castle, he benefited the welfare of others by providing jobs in order to renovate the castle. He manufactured the steel industry. The steel empire he made allowed more jobs for people to work. Although, not only did creating jobs prove that he cared for the public, but also, it is proven by how his steel industry impacts the everyday lives of our economy, all up to present day. Pittsburgh is still in gratitude to him as they have even made a library in his honor, as shown in the photos from the library. Carnegie was a very intelligent man, not only was he famous for his steel empire, but also for his innovation in the cheap and efficient mass production of steel, by adopting and adapting the Bessemer process for steel making. The Bessemer process was a, “method developed in the 1850s to produce steel by removing impurities from raw iron ore at a lower cost,” as said in the pearson realize history textbook. He laid a foundation for the American Steel Industry, which still has an impact on our country’s economy today. He helped the public.
Furthermore, Andrew Carnegie was also selfless in many ways. Carnegie used money well spent. He donated over 350 million dollars, with an approximate being $350,695,653. As shown in the chart adapted from Andrew Carnegie by Joseph Frazier Wall, about Carnegie’s Philanthropy. As said in the chart, “The Carnegie Corporation’s net assets in 2005 were listed at $2,167,000,000. The foundation is currently giving out about $100,000,000 a year, most of it to education.” This shows that Carnegie is still a hero up to this day, and that what he donated back then, is worth a LOT more money now. Carnegie created the “Gospel of Wealth”, an article that describes the responsibility of philanthropy by the new upper class of self made rich. In a North American Review, titled “Wealth” by Andrew Carnegie, in June 1889, Carnegie had wrote that he believed the ethical thing was that, “the duty of the man of wealth (is to) set an example of modest … living …; and … to consider all surplus revenues … as trust fund … to produce the most beneficial results for the community,” meaning that the right thing to do was to bequeath his money for public purposes before he died, rather than after, or rather than giving endowments of his money to his descendants. As seen, through his donations and selflessness, it is confirmed, Andrew Carnegie the philanthropist, is a hero.
To conclude, with no doubt, Andrew Carnegie is a hero. He may not have had a bat signal, or sign to wear on his chest. He didn’t even have a cape to wear when he came to the rescue, but he will always be a hero to the United States. Carnegie had, integrity, courage, intelligence, concern for others, financial success, significant achievement, charisma, and most of all, he was self made – all the characteristics of a hero. Carnegie was caring and determined, he cared deeply for the public and their welfare. He was selfless, he donated all his money to charity, and once again, he was self made. He was a true hero.

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