and look after their little siblings are even their sick parents. Also over the years’ girls in their teenage years tend to get pregnant in school so they have to leave school to look a job to provide for their selves and young child. Others say that school just not working out for them and they choose to drop out from school with gaining a high school education, without any any training or proper training which would equip them for the working world. It is almost impossible for them to get a job due to how the economy is now. Them being uneducated and not being able to find a job many of these youngsters will turn to crime and violence to survive.
The fourth primary factor that contribute to crime and violence in Jamaica is abuse in the home if children aren’t shown love from home and been abuse he or she will have trust issues later in life. Children who are exposed to violence in the home are liked to do the same thing thres a saying” Children life what they learn . When a child


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