and it’s crazy like you can just walk
through life doing the same thing day in
and day out let the time go by and not
even realize how much nothing is even
happening for you now I’m trying to make
a difference I’m trying to make a change
I’m trying to open up people’s minds so
that they can step through their
struggles they can overcome their sorrow
the things that are burning them up on
the inside I’m trying to help them
overcome that so they can be the people
that they were meant to be I come from
the struggle that’s how I know what the
struggle is right the storm it sucks but
the calm after the storm is what it’s
all about I mean I think about where
I’ve come from where I am now
and it it’s a lot it’s a lot to process
I went through so much hurt I went
through so much denial I went through so
much stuff persecution
I didn’t even acknowledge my self-worth
I didn’t know what I was worth I was so
consumed by the things of this world I
didn’t understand God’s plan for me okay
I want you to know that when I’m in my
videos talking about what I do and why I
and and how much I do I’m not trying to
call you out for what you do I’m not
trying to tell you how to live your life
all I’m trying to do is give you a
different perspective so that maybe one
day you can look at these videos and say
hey just help me change
just help me be me just help me do
something that I didn’t know I could


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