American History X is a racial and crime film which was produced by John Morrisey, directed by Tony Kaye and was written by David McKenna in 1998. The stars of the movie are Edward Norton and Edward Furlong. Elliot, Avery, Ethan, Beverly, and Stacy are in supporting roles in the film. The American X film for the first time released in America on October 30, 1998.
American History X is an American movie with many eye-catching events. The writers took it back to the beginning where racism theoretically stems from, an individual’s upbringing. As a child, Derek Vineyard witnessed and experienced his father’s beliefs on other races and their lack of value. The father’s racism was open, and his boys were witness to it. When his father murdered by an African-American man, Derek’s visions of racial inequality went from just a thought to the action. He joined the white supremacy group where he acted out his racism.


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