All of us has an ideal house that is built with our own money that was the outcome for the hard work. A house that we build with our own imagination, the best place where we can live. I really want to live in the house of my dreams when I reach the perfect age to build it. A house that serves as a shelter for the people that you love the most. A house where you can relax because of its peaceful surroundings.

My ideal house has a silvery color gate that is operated technologically, and when you go inside the gate you will be surprise of the garden with flowers blooming that surrounds my ideal house. The walls was painted with color gray with a large windows where you can see a relaxing view from afar. In the right corner you can see a terrace having a set of chairs and a table in the center where you can sit and relax, but before you can step into my ideal house you can also see a very big door that is painted with a black color and is also operated with technology. Inside there is a comfortable living room with a large chandelier that gives glow to my living room, few steps away from the living room there the kitchen with a large refrigerator full of goods that you can pick and eat anytime. In my kitchen there is an organization of things that is cleaned very well. When you go upstairs you can see five (5) bedrooms including the masters having a comfortable bed that is very relaxing, walls painted with color black and white that is very pleasant to you eyes, and it also have a chandelier that is very mesmerizing. The masters bedroom is allocated for my parents, and the other rooms are for my siblings and the other one is also for bedroom is painted with color violet ombre’ In addition you can see a flat screen T.V and also it has a very comfortable bed with a window on the ceiling that allows me to observe stars twinkling every midnight. Its walls has a pictures pasted. In the same floor there is a room for you to be fit. Just a few steps away from the rooms you can see a pool that is free for everybody. This pool is also adjustable and is very relaxing because of its changeable temperature that suites for any weather and it’s very satisfying since you can recognize our nature’s beauty.

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Summing up, my ideal house is a home where you can relax and chill out. and If this ideal house comes into reality I would be the proudest human alive for building it with my own money that is the product my sweat. A house where you can find happiness and love. A house that you wish to come into reality, and it’s not impossible for you to achieve it, just work hard for you to claim it in the future.


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