Australia is a beautiful country that offers numerous opportunities to people working there. It is a developed nation whose economy is growing at a steady pace. Every year it publishes a list of occupations for which it requires skilled individuals. While thousands of individuals apply from throughout the world, only a select few get lucky enough to receive the Invitation to Apply for visa. Each year hundreds of Indians apply for immigration and Australia is their first choice. To know all about immigration to Australia from India visit a renowned and recognized visa consultant.  An immigration consultant will guide you properly and ensure you have up-to-date information about your selected visa program. He will see to it that all your documents are duly attached and certified by a recognized authority.  Immigrate to AustraliaAustralia has numerous programs under which an individual can obtain immigration visa and fly to the country. There are national as well as provincial nomination programs. While some offer permanent residency, others come with limited stay. Among all the programs the most popular are skilled independent visa program and skilled nominated visa program. The skilled independent visa program is a permanent residency program under which an applicant is free to search for jobs independently. Under this program he can either pursue a profession and work independently or choose to apply for a job. The skilled independent visa is generally chosen by individuals who either have a job offer or are sure to get one from a prospective employer. The Skilled Nominated visa program is a provincial nomination program under which an applicant either requires state nomination or sponsorship from a relative living permanently in Australia. He must possess the letter of nomination or sponsorship from a Government Office or relative respectively. Australian Immigration ProcessMigrating to Australia is easy but the time taken by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for ratification of an application is way too much. It takes months (sometimes years) before any final answer is received from the immigration department of Australia. However, the process is very straightforward and transparent. The first step is submission of visa application by an applicant. The form must be completely filled and submitted along with essential documents. The immigration department then evaluates each and every applicant and allots points according to its pre-determined criteria. An applicant must score a minimum of 60 points in his or her profile evaluation. The various aspects that are evaluated are age, work experience, language proficiency, educational qualifications, occupation chosen etc. The applicants are then ranked based on the score they have achieved and the top scoring candidates are sent an Invitation to Apply. Upon receipt of the Invitation, the applicant must reply with his Expression of Interest within the next 60 days. To know more, visit us today. Our consultants are thorough professionals who’ll provide the best quality services at a reasonable rate.


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