Albert Einstein had once said, “The value of Education in a liberal arts college is not the learning of many facts, but the training of the mind to think something that cannot be learned from textbooks.” Einstein continues to elaborate on the good that liberal arts does on creating more intensive critical-thinking and analytical skills in addition to adding in the factor of creativity. Liberal arts education helps strengthen the awareness of what’s happening out in the world, instead of reading facts out of a textbook. A liberal arts education focuses on what is learned in a classroom and applies it to everyday life.
As a freshman entering a liberal arts college or university, students continuously question why they must take courses that are generally unrelated to their intended major or future field of study. For example, a student that is looking to become a nurse or doctor would presumably be enrolled in courses that relate to science and medicine. But, because of the necessity of a general education from the university, that student would also be required to take courses in History, English, Math and other areas even though they may be seen as unrelated to the major.
Although some of the courses offered at universities may not seem necessary for someone’s particular degree, think about how history may hold an importance in someone else’s life; no matter the profession a person is going to school for, if they are from the United States or any other country, it’s important to be involved in what is going on and what has happened in the past because these events will affect the decisions and future of themselves and their children.


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