AirAsia was established by a Malaysian Enterprise in 1993 and started operations in 1996. At first, AirAsia had 225 employees, two Boeing 737 aircrafts ran a sole route from Malaysia to Lankawi. (“The Wall Street Journal Europe”, 2003)
In 2001, the company faced a major issue was heavily in debt. Tony Fernandes of Tune Air Sdn. Bhd. took over AirAsia with RM 40 million debt. Under the leadership of Fernandes and its partners, AirAsia paid off all its debts within two years. The airline rebranded, relaunched its new route and opened hubs in other countries from 2003. Nowadays, AirAsia flies to a great portion of Asian countries; as well as to the United Kingdom, France and Australia. (AirAsia Annual Report, 2010)
AirAsia’s mission is to achieve the lowest cost, maintain the highest quality service, use technology to reduce costs and become the best employment option for employees. AirAsia’s vision to become Asia’s largest low-cost airline, providing services to whom are unable to enjoy air travel due to problems of connectivity and high transportation costs. (AirAsia, 2018)


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