After taking my Ecological Footprint quiz, it seems that to support the lifestyle I’m living,
it takes 3.4 hectares of the Earth’s productive area and it requires the regenerative
capacity of 1.9 planets each year. If everyone lived the same lifestyle as I do, it would
take about 1.9 planets each year to sustain the human population – shocking, isn’t it? I
try to make a e?ort to help the environment by purchasing organic food where
possible, I don’t eat a lot of red meat products, I try to eat foods that are in season, I
drive in a carpool to work every week to save on fuel consumption, I service my car
regularly, keep my tyres properly in?ated and drive the speed limit to reduce CO?
emissions, I use energy saving appliances at my home and make minimal use of power
equipment, and still my footprint calculates that I need 1.9 earths to sustain the human
population. I expected this number to be much lower. This test reinforced my view on
environmental protection.
I do not think that this quiz may be e?ective for immediate widespread change, but it
can contribute to creating awareness that could lead to people being more considerate
of their use of the available environmental resources. The quiz challenged my mode of
thinking and what it means to be more environmental friendly. Recognition of our
ecological footprint could change the world, and therefore I see it necessary to raise
awareness to the crisis we ?nd ourselves in. It will take collective action from every
citizen from each country, all over the world. The assessment of my ecological footprint
has opened my mind, and I therefore believe it is possible to open everyone else’s
minds by raising awareness


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