After I am dead, I want to be remembered for my service to humanity
There is one thing certain that will apply to everyone in life and that is death. Being remembered by society in a positive manner is a big achievement. By living life with this awarding goal in mind, you start to automatically work on adjusting so that you can be remembered as “that amazing person”. Eventually this beneficial change in your lifestyle doesn’t just result in you being remembered after your death but it makes you live a more rewarding and successful life. Me personally, would like to be remembered as a person who would go out of her busy schedule to help people, no matter rich or needy.
Everyone needs help, whether they ask for it or not. Henry Ford once said, “To do more for the world than the world does for you, that is success”. Having a mindset that helping others isn’t a burden, turns your selfishness into selflessness. By solely helping others, makes a person’s life a little better. This lifestyle allows love to grow and spread. This same love is what brings peace in your life. Simply lend a hand by opening the door for someone, help a friend move, volunteer to babysit, or do any volunteer work.
There are so many things you can remember the deceased by like always telling funny stories or good at a sport. But being remembered by others as the lady who would always lend a hand with an open heart stands out to me the most.


I'm James!

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