“African Americans resisted oppression since the moment they were enslaved and transported to the new world in the 1600s. However, their progress was limited until the civil war (1861- 65). After the war, three amendments to the constitution were approved. The 13th amendment (1865) ended slavery. The 14th amendment (1868) made ex-slaves citizens. The 15th amendment (1870) Gave black men the right to vote. But these new laws were often ignored or even challenged by local and state government” ( Olugbemisolaj Rhuday-Perkovich)

On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a Caucasian man on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama; this is just what the African community needed to rise above how they were being treated in the southern states.
The Montgomery Bus Boycott was a protest that was apart of the Civil Rights Movement. This protest was about African Americans refusing to ride the city buses in Montgomery, Alabama for not having equal rights seating where you want to sit on the bus. The buses were segregated where the people of color had to sit in the back, and the white people had to sit in the front of the bus. The bus boycott took place from December 1955 to December 1956. African American Endured walking a whole year, through the rain, storms, and all seasons for equality of life, liberty, and freedom rights. Sometimes it takes special people like Dr.Martin Luther King, and Rosa Parks to stand up, and fight for dignity, civil rights. African Americans stayed off the busses for over a year, not to mention bus companies shut down because black riders refuse to ride, their walk spoke powerful words to the bus companies.
Their spirit and determination -and a favorable supreme court ruling-forced Montgomery officials to end segregation on city buses. The victory paved the way for mass civil rights mobilization across the nation.

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There were different ideas how to end the Montgomery boycott because they were fighting for equality. African American tackled racism variety of organizations, philosophies, and strategies laid the foundation for social and political movements to come. Martin Luther King advocated racial peace and favor prosperity during the Montgomery boycott. Meanwhile, we are still fighting for democracy, power, and justice. On the other hand, we are yet judged by the color of our skin in the year of 2018.

Over the last several decade’s civil rights movement structured by strong southern culture organized by young, old black males. Our future is determined by those young men who are following the footsteps of their great leaders. The strong leadership skills show in the Montgomery bus boycott, and it leads to the voting rights act. Meanwhile, Martin Luther King was at the Holt Street Baptist Church talking to black working class people about faith, justice, and to continue the movement of what we are fighting for “equal rights.” The civil rights movement long struggle for all people especially our people. We started to see that the fight was worth the fight.
Ordinary people in our society makes up activist who fights for our community, freedom, and our rights that we were not granted back then. ” great leaders play their strength. They don’t spend vast value amounts of time attempting to be a jack-of-all-trades. Instead, they deepen their ability to do what they do best until they do it as well as anyone. Give 70 percent of your time to your areas of strength. Give 25 percent of your time to the areas you want to improve. Give 5 percent of your time to the areas of your weakness.” (Anonymous).

During the height of the civil rights movement, a black artist used to inspire the fight for social change to show the movement. Art during the boycott motivated the walkers to know that the artist supported them through it. along with the culture not accepting black art they didn’t accept black music in the mid 1960’s. The segregated future did not accept the singer Aretha Franklin especially when her top hit song came “Respect”. ” Becoming a lasting anthem of feminism, personal dignity , and racial equality” ( Hope Lourie Killcoyne). ” what does respect mean in racial sense? For starters it means not having to drink at a “colored only” water fountains. Not being relegated to the back of the bus. Not having to attend a racially segregated school or play within a racially segregated sports league. Not fearing a cross burning on the lawn , a lynching in the park , or another act of violence or disrespect that might come from living in a country where most of the population was making small, medium , and huge prejudgement simply on the basis of skin color”( Hope Lourie Killcoyne )

” I have a dream that one day the state of Alabama, who’s governors’s lips are presently dripping with the words of interposition and nullification, will be transformed into a situation where little black boys and little black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and little white girls and walk together as sisters and brothers.” ( Dr.Martin Luther King)
The I have a dream speech is what the African American culture dreamed of what will happen one day. The speech moved us so much that four college students sat in “white only” restaurant from open to close, food was thrown at them ,called them out their name , hit them ,and they still sat there until they got what they wanted equal rights. The four students were now getting served with the white people and getting treated like equal that we should get treated .
The Montgomery bus boycott changed the way African Americans lived, and reacted to each other. Historically African American civil rights movement began long before the Montgomery bus boycott ,and rosa parks arrest. A group called the “Women’s Political Council”, these were a group of excellent professional women that were founded in 1946. These women were already fighting for our rights about the Jim Crow practices on the Montgomery bus system. They believed that in the future their would be o more standing over empty seats ,and their would be no more paying from the front of bus ,and enter from the back. Nether-less they fought for the bees to stop on every black residential corner in the area as they did Caucasian communities.


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