Adult services are structured such as Sure Start focusing on the adults and their children needs. Sure Start Centres are usually in communities close to schools with easy access.
The centres offer hands on courses which include their children, toys available, toddler groups and parenting classes with stimulating rooms that are bright, warm and welcoming. Usually have access to outdoor space. The centre offer help and support and liaise with other professionals if required. All the focus is on carers/parents and their children and improving their lives

Benefits of practitioners working with carers and parent’s is that the learning and development of the child or young person are at the centre. Health visitors who encourage carers and parent’s enable carers and parent’s to voice any of their concerns e.g. child’s speech delay. This can be addressed through referral to speech therapy or discussions with nursery/school, leading to tools being given to help improve the speech i.e. short sentences. If encouragement is shown and felt by carers and parents then any issues they may feel can be addressed at the earliest point, avoiding the issue growing and feeling big.

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