Adopting the right pitch with respect to talent management
• Talent driven organisations endeavouring to win the talent war adopt a long term, holistic and systemic view of their talent, leveraged from an integrated process of how to think and deal with their talent from an overall organisational perspective.
• As a concrete expression of this posture they craft a strategic talent plan which time wise is closely aligned to and in direct support of their business strategy.
• Without such a strategic posture, talent management in an organisation will be fragmented, reactive and driven by short term, operational talent needs.
Establishing a convincing business case strategic talent management in the organisation owned by all stakeholders
• Adopting the strategic talent posture, a convincing business case for talent management must be formulated and institutionalised in the organisation.
• Through the strategic talent plan, substance will be given for the crafted business case
• The aim of the business case is to justify the why and whereto of talent management for the organisation.
• Talent management must ensure that we have the right people in the right numbers at the right time in the right place, able, willing, wanting and being allowed to perform thereby giving us a sustainable competitive edge in our chosen markets.
• Talent management entails not only getting things right people, numbers and place; it includes the people imperatives of competence, motivation, rewards/recognition and empowerment relative to the strategic aspirations of the organisation.

Five key premises form essential preconditions to position an organisation in talent management
Premises 1: people are the only true value unlockers and wealth creators in the organisation and are therefore central to sustainable organisational success
Upfront an organisation must decide strategically what role people must play in the success of the organisation, now and in the future. Three strategic people choices can be discerned:
• Choice 1- people as a cost to the organisation
• Choice 2- people as an asset ( or even the most important asset) of the organisation
• Choice 3- people as value unlockers and wealth creators in the organisation
Premise2: every person in the organisation must be seen and treated as talent
• Talent driven organisations do not categorise their people into the talentful and talentless of talent management
• All the people employed by the organisation are regarded as value adding employees of the organisation, implying that everyone has a role to play in the success of the organisation.
Premise3: talent management is a two way match between the organisation and its people for mutual benefit of both parties

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