Additionally, among the initiatives we can take as a step to prevent crime being the most important issue in the country is to create a city-safe and secure city concept. This concept covers a very large scope for discussion. Various measures have been taken in the process of creating a city and a safe city concept. Among them are the escort by certain parties such as Rela, Rukun Tetangga, Polis and others in order to ensure that the area is free from theft cases, robbery, rape, snatch and so on. With the escorting of teams, at least they can scare the criminal from doing their activities and in turn create a city-safe and secure city concept. Help from today’s technology tools can help us perfect the concept of safe city and town. Closed-circuit cameras can be installed as a precautionary measure. This simple can be evidence of a crime occurring in the area. If the concept of city and town is safe to be created, it would be a sense to have the criminals from doing activities in the area. In this way, the concept of city and town is clearly an effective effort to prevent crime.

Additionally, the National Health Service usually incorporate confidentiality into the clause of the employment contract that links to disciplinary procedures (Department of Health, 2003). A legally binding contract is a type of voluntary agreement between or more parties which covers the specific purpose required by the employer and the employee, and it is enforceable by law (Pozgar, 2018). According to The Employment Rights Act (1996), when an employee starts to employment with an employer, the employer should provide a written statement of initial particular to the employee (, 2018). Therefore, confidentiality is a prerequisite for nurses to be employed by the health department and it is a clause that nurses always need to follow during their employment. Breach of contract may result in nurse being fired or sued by the employer.


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