According to the slide that lecturer given, on chapter 3 I have learned about the definition of the group and it can be influence the organization behaviour.
The group can be defined as two or maybe more than people work together and achieve the mutual goals. For every big organization, they will separate out few type and group for control their department.
Top Management- For this group type have include top level position employee, such as CEO, stakeholder, and the president.
Research and development team- A unit department that form a team, task is always help the organization develop and research a new product.
Command groups- A team consist of company staff whom take order from upper managers
Task forces- selected few from the company staff worked together to accomplish certain mission or project
Self-managed work- A group of employees who monitor their activities and monitor the quality of the products and services they provide
Virtual Team- This type of group is form by though the internet, they are less or maybe never see each other face before. Such as email, internet socials, and telephone.
Friendship group- Form by group of employees who are peaceful and very enjoy the work with each other’s.
Interest group- they share the same goals to complete the among themselves in the company.
The impact
The impact of the group for the organization first thing can helping the employee settle the task that they can’t be done. Second impact for organization, the group can have more idea and skills to face the difficult work tasks. Example two person have more different working style and idea.
Besides that, the group form also will bring some impact to employee. The first impact, group form can help to identify and understand the organization and the effective. Second impact, during group up have meet a lot different cultural people, employee can get new knowledge and information with each other’s.
For every group formation must have step by step go through which is forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning.
Forming- For the forming this step, refer to the group members start find the partner and work together. this step the member all will feeling confused and uncertain.
Storming- On this stage, the groups member will start talk and try to understand with each other’s.
Norming- On this stage, they will start trust each other and sharing everything such as vision, values, goals and experience.
Performing- On this stage, the group member all will start to work hard to proof their power.
Adjourning- On this stage is the end of the group formation, the members all will start to consider stay down or leave. Such as disband or change group.
Every company has different culture created. It depends on member to see whether it can be done or not and they share ideas among themselves. For example, each member shares different ideas and work with different task but they shared the same goal to complete it.
There is 3 different type of cultures that every company has experience. All this culture bring benefit to the employee as to bring focus on working hard in the job.
Performance culture- is to at which level of a person is required to work on what point they achieve.
Appearance culture- dress code
Resource allocation culture- giving extra bonuses


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