According to Bwisa Prian (2018) problem statement can be written as a general purpose of study or in the form of a research question. Generally, this statement is very specific and contains the variables of the study. This essay will be focused on two types of research which are quantitative research and qualitative research.

First and foremost, quantitative research is the systematic scientific study on quantitative characteristics and phenomena as well as the relationship between the two based on a hypothesis or theory (Masthead,2015). The purpose of quantitative research is to develop and use mathematics models, theories and hypotheses relevant and appropriate to the natural phenomenon.
Quantitative research creates statistics through the use of large-scale survey research, by using methods such as questionnaires or structured interviews. This type of research reaches many more people, but the contact with those people is much quicker than it is in qualitative research (Groups,2018) Quantitative research methods are concerned with empirical research; the hallmark of quantitative is measurement and quantification. Quantitative methods are designed “hard”, hypothesis testing, fixed, value-free and objective
On the contrary, Qualitative research is a method of inquiry that is employed in a variety of academic disciplines, traditionally in the social sciences, including the study of marketing (Masthead,2015). As it starts in the social and behavioural sciences like sociology, anthropology and psychology. The purpose of qualitative research is to seek a deeper understanding of human behaviours and the reasons that cause these behaviours.
Qualitative research discovers attitudes, behavior and experiences through such methods as interviews or focus groups. It attempts to get an in-depth opinion from participants. As it is attitudes, behavior and experiences which are important, fewer people take part in the research, but the contact with these people tends to last a lot longer. Qualitative research methods on the other hand are not. However, Qualitative research is most likely same as interpretive approach. Qualitative methods can be described as being, “soft”, speculative, flexible and subjective. The data collected have been termed soft, that is, rich in description of people, places and conversation, and not easily handled by statistical procedures.
The advantage of using qualitative methods is that they generate rich, detailed data that leave the participants’ perspectives intact and provide a context for health behavior. The focus upon processes and “reasons why” differs from that of quantitative research, which addresses correlations between variables. I learned that in the study of marketing, these research methods were essential because quantitative methods just cannot merely explain the marketing environment, it involves also understanding of qualitative methods in analyzing consumer behavior in marketing, these two methods are important for they became the study of marketing more meaningful.

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Quantitative and qualitative research methods are very different methods of research. Quantitative researchers seek to provide answers in a balanced scientific way; they do not make assumptions from their findings. While Qualitative researchers aim to evaluate things as they stand, in an attempt to look at a lifelike picture, providing a “deeper” understanding. In my opinion neither methods is superior. Both when carried out correctly provide good research. As Lin (2018) stated that “No method of research, quantitative or qualitative, is intrinsically better than any other.”


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