Access control is mainly used to for the protection of sensitive materials and prevents from unwanted users & this is important part of current business industry it has high security and main aim to access control is to protect and improve security & prevents that from duplication & instead of allowing whole access to users from all we can give to particular module that users can use & it has full of benefits in hard ware and also software system in many ways to protect the security & the privacy .

Most of companies make groups under which of users are created to grant authorizations to files & folders and need to get their job done & this can be done by 3 ways

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—> security permissions can be revised and modify on for particular files and folders live under the secureity for individual and groups with their permissions it means modify read full control write ….. it can be allowed or denied by clicking the check box

—->this way to use a icicles.exe to view or modify the permissions using particular prompt of commands in grant commands with the permission you would like to set

—>those two ways mostly used by small organizations and companies & where as powershelgl scripts is used by large and big organization sit requires less manual work and saves the time of organization

There are some places under local security in administrative tools on local machines always in enables to record logon events & objects accessed all of these events we can see under Audit logon events ,
Under windows logs under the windows event viewer can be track the activities


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