Halsema Highway is named one of the most dangerous highways in the Philippines because of the twist and turns, bends and corners, and the heights that lie above and below it. The highway is also located on the mountain ranges of the Cordilleras which receives the tolls of the bad weather contributing to the hazards that threatens the safety of travellers and commuters.
This study explored the road accident rates according to types of collisions and the resulting damages. Month and time were also considered as factors affecting the occurrence of road accidents. GIS was used to locate and point the accident occurrences along Halsema Highway from Chakchakan, Bontoc Ili to Barangay Gonogon from year 2013-2016. The presence of road incidences every year in one area is the determinant for the three road accident hotspots along the specified stretch of the Halsema Highway.
Existing programs of the DPWH is believed to have helped in the mitigation of road accidents but still, there are programs that need to be considered to focus law enforcement operational strategies in identified hotspots with the help of respective agencies.

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