I interned with Reliance Capital twice during
my bachelor viz. June 2010 to July 2010 and May 2011 to July 2011. During the
summer of 2010, I was assigned to study the Indian IT sector and compare the
financials of the major players in the industry. In 2011, after the completion
of my fourth semester, I interned with Reliance Capital for 3 months. In this
time period I learnt about the basics of equity research and worked on
financial models (In-House), of Indian Real Estate sector and Cement Sector,
mapping and linking them with the financial reports. As a part of the equity
team, I assisted the team on analysis of Marco Indicators and its impact of
Stock Market.

In 2012, I earned a Bachelor in commerce
degree with a specialization in Finance from Amity University. Post completion
of my course, I did a certification in Retail Banking from Institute of Finance
Banking and Insurance (IFBI). I secured a job at Axis Bank in Okhla, New Delhi.
I was responsible for daily operations in the branch which included timely
processing of daily transactions of funds and cheques, Demand Drafts (DD), NEFT
(National Electronic Funds Transfer), RTGS (Real-Time Gross Settlement) and
other payment methods. My responsibilities also included initiating loan
processes, addressing various customer related issues such as discrepancies in
accounts, rectification of undue charges and look into complaints regarding
services provided by the bank. Apart from the operational tasks, I boosted the
business of the branch by sales of financial products.

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After spending 3 months with Axis Bank, I
joined KPMG as an Auditor in April 2013. Initially, I worked as a member of the
UK Audit team in breadth of sectors and industries that KPMG provides services,
and later got opportunities to work in client facing roles with the company.

Predominantly, I worked for clients on
external audit (UK GAAP and Indian GAAP) and internal audit from Public Sector
Department which included central and local government, charities, higher and
further education, health, and arm’s length external organisations like
Lancashire County, Oxford University, Sandwell NHS Trust to name a few.
Commercial sector experience includes privately owned and listed companies,
including FTSE 100 companies, and limited liability partnerships. I faced many more
client facing roles while working on Airtel (Telecom Co.) as my client.

My basic responsibilities included:

Utilizing advanced data analysis and
statistical tools to extract accounting records for verification
Preparation and confirmation of Accounts
as part of audit procedures and worked on reconciliation of balances with
supporting documentation
Performing final analytic on the interim
and yearly financial statements of companies for the purpose of tracking
movements and analysis of variations in the financial statements
Providing trainings on audit procedures
and KPMG in-house tools

KPMG gave me a platform to understand the
dynamics of the businesses we were auditing, be aware of global developments
and see how business decisions and risks affect the financial results. Coming
from a finance background, audit was new to me. But trainings and consistency
made an expert in this field over the time. I was awarded with various company
and team awards namely Best Debut and Employee of the Month.

During my tenure at KPMG, I also had an
opportunity to work in collaboration with the Singapore audit team and worked
on diversified Clients across Singapore and implemented key testing strategies
for analyzing financial statements and making reports based on such testing.

I left the company in June 2015, after serving
for 27 months, to pursue Master in Financial Markets, which helped me
understand various segments of securities markets and to obtain in-depth
understanding. After completion of my studies, I joined SS&C GlobeOp,
Mumbai as a hedge Fund Accountant in April 2016. I was working in area of NAV
Calculations, Reconciliations – Operations & regulatory reporting. My
general task included:

1.      Diligently delivering Official
Hedge Fund NAV periodically & Estimated NAV

2.      Preparing Financial Statements as per US GAAP

3.      Preparing Daily Cash and Position reconciliation,
Price and corporate action verification

4.      Assisting with management reporting and the
annual audit

5.      Analysing and rectifying the breaks in
transactions between the Prime Brokers and the Clients

I moved to New Delhi in August 2016 after
quitting my job to prepare for MBA. Along with the preparation for MBA, I was
volunteering in Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) viz. Niveda Foundation[1] and Noida
Deaf Society[2].
Niveda Foundation works for the upliftment of the poor and needy by helping
them achieve socio-economic independence, self-sustainability and health. As a
part of Niveda Foundation, I contributed to add literate youth employable and
empowering women. I taught the students basic computer skills and acted as a
counsellor to the faculty. I also helped them organise campaigns around the
educational equity.

Noida Deaf Society gave me an opportunity to
work with the specially able people. I acted as a teacher and taught MS Excel
to the students. This was a challenging task as I was not an expert in sign
languages. Through the period of time and with help of colleagues and students,
I was able to communicate well with the class. Apart from teaching, I supported
the organisation the campaigns and spreading awareness about the organisation
and assisted in financial analysis for fund-raising proposals.

I joined MBA at Hochschule Pforzheim in March
2017. I got an opportunity to work with the American Football team of the city,
Pforzheim Wilddogs, as a Student Consultant. I joined the club in May 2017,
where my responsibilities included developing marketing strategies, devise new
and creative in-game and in-arena entertainment, including promotions, fan
interactive elements and social media campaigns, and maintaining Social Media:
managing social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. By the end
of the season, in July, the reach of the team on Facebook increased by 15% and
Instagram by about 20%. This position gave me an insight about the marketing
and branding of a sports club and learn the importance of digital media in
Sports and Marketing of a business. TBD


Understanding who you are is important; it
helps to discover yourself and know more about yourself. Self-evaluation can
help one improve his strengths and accepting the weakness and work on it in to
become a better person. In my career so far, I have been able to develop new
skills and enhance my existing skills even more. Some of the few skillset that
I have developed and wish to develop are as follows:

Able to see the big picture: Working with various organisations and
industry gave me ability to quickly frame a picture of the client’s business,
the organization and key attributes within it. The ability to see this big
picture is very important to the planning stage. Putting the audit plan
together required an appreciation and deep knowledge of the organization and
what constitutes a logical approach to the audit.

Also, while carrying out financial research of
the companies, it was important to determine a picture of any issues at the business and to
translate them into what they might mean in the future. I developed an
inquiring mind and learnt from all experiences encountered and dig deeper to
arrive at a conclusion that fits with the objective.

skills: Financial
and risk management jobs require critical and precision thinking, accurate
reporting and statistical analysis to ensure the integrity of the auditing
process. As an Auditor, it was needed to use analytical skills to examine
information, interpret it, and present innovative and alternative solutions to
a problem in a logical flow. Therefore, after quitting KPMG, I joined financial
institute, NISM, to enhance my financial expertise and analytical thinking.
Critical thinking is what helps to make decisions that help solve problems for
the company we were advising.

Teamwork and Communication Skills: Team sports has been a part of my
life since childhood. Coordination and teamwork is an essential part of any
team. Similarly in my work environment, apart from analytical skills and the
ability to keep up to date with business activities and revenue streams, soft
skills are among the attributes needed to succeed. While working together in
teams, communicating well within a team environment and building relationships
is necessary to ensure smooth flow of operation and information.

My jobs were client-facing, who were
always in touch, so effective communication lead to the better the conversation
is with the clients. Effective communication occurs when the client understands
sees precisely what you are stating. Ability to manage people and communication
skills are a strong driver for progression.

People skills: My experience with KPMG taught me
the ability to manage a wide range of customers in a wide range of customer
circumstances. In specific cases, clients have a dread of the auditor since they
don’t like being investigated deeply. So sometimes, it was required to comfort
the client personnel and have the ability to understand the client’s viewpoint
as well.

Listening is very
important in today’s job scenario. Listening seems like a simple concept, but
few do it well. It was imperative to ask open ended questions so that the
clients could elaborate on the situation and missing one small piece of the
answer can cause to miss the message entirely.

skills: I got a
chance to imbibe leadership qualities from a very young age and I never felt
shy to apply it whenever possible. This was probably the reason why I became
the Sportsman of the Year in my high school and lead my college basketball team
to new heights. As a leader, it is imperative to be trustworthy and loyal and
help in teammates maximising the efforts of the team for the achievement of
greater good.

I was
also a mentor to many new joiners in KPMG, managed a team while organizing
events in college and with the NGOs. Henry Ford said, “Don’t find fault,
find a remedy.” A leader finds answers for complex issues at the client and
has the capacity and aptitude to help with getting the solutions implemented.

Decision-making ability: With so much financial data and the
news available, as an auditor and financial analyst, it was important to limit
what is relevant and what is not. Sometimes getting an appropriate flow can be
challenging. It was difficult for me to understand the needs and requirement of
the clients and the organise the data collected according its significance. But
with trainings and help from mentors, I developed a strong and effective
decision making skill, which made it easier to perform the given task. The
approaches I learnt like weighing the pros and cons of a situation can also be
applied in real life scenarios.


of the weaknesses and area to improve for me is my delegation skills. I
am always so concerned about everything being done well and on time that I can
stall out in that mindset of “If you want it done right, do it yourself.”
Unfortunately, that is not generally conceivable and I’ve understood that I can
slow things down in if I am excessively controlling. Also, sometimes I can be a
bit too honest and straightforward when I provide feedback to
colleagues. My personality is naturally very straightforward and to the point,
although my associates respect that, yet I have discovered that there are times
at work when more strategy is required. It is also difficult for me to confront
and have found myself compromising what I needed or required with a
specific end goal to keep the peace. This was a genuine issue, particularly in
group circumstances or when I should lead a team on the grounds that there are
times when you have to tell individuals things they may not really need to

Role of MBA

Deciding to study an MBA (International
Management) was a big decision to take. In a globalised world in which
knowledge is regarded as the most important resource. Germany, with its
long-standing tradition of knowledge development, is well positioned in the
international competition to train minds. The Pforzheim-Stuttgart region is not
only well-known for large, multi-national companies, but also for small and
medium-sized hidden champions. The various choices in courses that is provided
by the university is so exhaustive that it has helped me in diversifying my
future career path. It has broaden my perspective and enable foundational learning
at a diverse, international level of enterprise complexity and with deep
insight on strategic and tactical issue.

My fascination with business, direct
interaction with clients, strategic overview, and the view of a company as
provider of products that meet customer needs has motivated me to move from
technical roles to business positions. I chose MBA to strengthen my skills by
learning formal methodologies and benefiting from personal experiences of
classmates and faculty. I feel that such knowledge will help me do my job
effectively and achieve my long term objectives. Therefore, the content and the
course structure of the MBA program was very important to me.

During the semester, I was taught
subjects like Strategic Management and International Business Development,
which helped me gain knowledge about approaches and tools for planning and
controlling strategy at the domestic and international levels, as well as,
understanding in industry and competitive analyse. Apart from the core
subjects, the course offers a wide range of electives in two semester. The
importance of change management and the needed strategic approach are mandatory
to understand and run a successful business within the next years.

MBA education gives you new skills
and knowledge to enhance your current career. The hard and soft skills acquired
during an MBA program are transferable to myriad other roles. My previous
education and work experience was in core Finance. My personal goal for the
next years is to change industries to Marketing. With subjects like Brand
Management and B2B marketing, I am learning to implement brand marketing
programs like advertising, promotions, and public relations to build and retain
brand equity. One of the most interesting part of MBA is that, as a part of its
curriculum, it gives you an opportunity to work as a consultant with a list of
companies. This helped me get first-hand experience of working with a renowned
firm in Germany. These experiences and knowledge has assisted me connect
different scenarios and analyse and structure issues in organised manner.

MBA in Hochschule Pforzheim also
provides great networking opportunities. It helped me know and interact in a
context that accentuates the business management capabilities with colleagues,
professors and teaching staff including current and former potent business
people, with great management experience. Furthermore, the MBA offer visit to a
bunch of companies that gives first-hand information regarding functioning of
different industries. It provides an opportunity of plan, organise and engage
in active learning experience and gives insights about to roles of different
department and how the company works. Last but not least, the MBA gives access
to the extensive alumni network working in varied industry all over the world.

Overall, I can state that the
decision to do the MBA program has been a strategic decision, which would help
me boost my career and as suggested by my peers and alumni of MBA colleges that
this program would not only help enhance technical skills but also soft skills
with include scope of international exposure. Within five years after
graduating, I expect to have developed a successful career that I can be proud of.
I believe that my past shows a steady yet rapid progression through the
business world, and I am eager to continue that progression.

Niveda Foundation

Noida Deaf Society


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