?Nowadays, the
development of science plays a crucial role in the evolution of our society.

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?Although this scientific progress
is pretty rapid and stunning, researchers and scientists always keep finding
themselves in the middle of a dilemma concerning research ethics.


?Thus, abiding by the
high ethical standards in any research is a common consideration in the
scientific community.



?The word ‘ethics’ originates from the Greek word
‘ethos’, meaning custom or behavior.

?The concept of ethics, initially suggested by the Greek
philosopher Aristotle, was developed to analyze social and individual values,
their interconnection and their hierarchy in the society.




    Law and Ethics are not the same thing;

v Most societies have legal rules that regulate behavior
(=laws), but ethical norms tend to be more extended and
more informal than laws.

v Ethical behavior conforms to the commonly acknowledged social norms.





ethical standards serve the objectives of research and are applicable
scientists, students and people conducting creative activities.


§Research ethics promote sincerity and integrity during all the
phases of the research, from data collection to publication.

§Research standards are deeply integrated into the way
scientists work. The reliability and the scientific
acknowledgement of their work depends upon adhering to these ethics.

§Many of the ethical principles in science
relate to the production of unbiased scientific knowledge, which is critical
when others try to extend the research’s findings.




Research ethics ensure :

ØThe accuracy of
scientific knowledge.

intellectual property rights.

ØPreventing the
fabrication or falsifying of data and therefore, promoting the pursuit of
knowledge and truth.

ØEncouraging an
environment of trust, accountability, and mutual
respect among researchers in
collaborative work.       This
is crucial when considering issues related to data sharing, co-authorship,
copyright guidelines, confidentiality…

Øassuring the public
that researchers followed the appropriate guidelines for issues such as human
rights, animal welfare, compliance with the law, conflicts of interest, safety,
health standards… 




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