Madeleine lengle was born in november 29, 1918. American writer of young adult
fiction, including a wrinkle in time, and its sequels. Her works reflect both her christian
faith and her strong interest in science. His genre are essays, poetry, christian fiction and
science fiction. His notable awards are Newbery medal 1963 and Margret award in 1998.
He was died in september 6 2007.
Meg is 14 years old. Everyone sees her as a troublemaker. They think she has a bad
student. Everyone in her family seems to be perfect. Her mom is a beautiful scientist.
Her twin brothers are very athletic. And very little 5 year old brother,charles wallace
Mury, is a child genious and can often read the mind of Meg.One night Meg cant sleep.
She goes downstairs to find her young brother sitting at the kitchen tabledrinking milk.
Later their mom joins them. A strange neighbour called Mrs.Whatsit joins them.
Mrs.Whatsit is talking a lot and says that the tesseract is real. We dont know what this
means but Mrs.Murry knows what it is. She looks like she is going to faint. Meg and her
brother meet a friend the nxt day. Calvin O Keefe is a high school junior student.
Together the three of them go to visit an old haunted house which belongs to
Mrs.Whatsit. While going there they meet Mrs.Whatsit`s friend, Mrs.Who is very
strange. Meg and Calvin begin to like each other. Charles suddenly announces that they
hould focus on finding their father who is lost somewhere in the universe.Strange things
happen and the older women turn into supernatural beings. They transport the kids to the
universe by the 'tesseract'. They stop and visit different planets on the way. The women
tell the children that the universe is being attacked by the 'Black thing'.
They find out where Meg's father is being kept. Charles tries to use his psychic
powers to see where their dad is. Eventually they find their dad, but not without drama.
Along the way, Meg learns to love. She uses this new love to help them escape.


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