A semiotic approach to this performance can determine many thinks, which these thinking enable me to deliberate thoughts as signs; it gives me an opportunity to study emotions in the sign-producing process. This analytical technique had motivated me recognizes the “semiology” semiotics and signs of this performance which is, the thought of disability, thinking of aloofness, etc. through that came into the rational field and what was for the longest time overshadowed by the myth of scientific objectivity, the night of the senses, came out.
To deliberate thinking as a sing producing process is to consider the human body and satisfy the need of totality and unity in holistic thinking, it is trying to recognize how the different parts of the brain function and let them work in search of their specific desire. The soul (psyche) is an unbalanced part of the body; thinking variety it go from one state to another, and with reflection or the means of dreams, drive the body to such desire: rational meaning for analytical thinking or “thought” (the exclusive kingdom of words), recognition for the reflective mind (word/image), ecstasy for the inventive thinking (image/word) and material delight for the somatic thinking (image).


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