A hybrid solar air conditioning system uses the same basic equipment as a conventional system with a specialized solar collector that is placed between the compressor and the condensing coils. The primary task of the compressor is to pressurize and heat the refrigerant. The hotter it gets the better. A hybrid solar air conditioning system uses a highly efficient vacuum tube collector filled with an organic liquid product. The collector heats the organic substance to over 350 degrees using the power of the sun to superheat the refrigerant above what the compressor would be able to heat it with electricity. The resulting efficiency derived from the solar collector allows for the refrigerant to work more efficiently with no additional moving parts or motors. This increases the ability of the gas to change back into a liquid much quicker and dramatically reduces the energy requirement of the compressor. The gas now condenses back into saturated gas in the first third of the condensing coil not the final third. Therefore by the time the refrigerant reaches the expansion devise in the inside coil, it is already almost a liquid. This allows the near liquid refrigerant to be more efficient at absorbing heat, making it 5-6 degrees cooler in the inside coil, delivering colder, drier air to the building. Refrigerant Type – 407c or 410a.
The solar cooling process use a closed loop cycle for the refrigerant(gas).
The compressor within condenser pressurize the refrigerant to work.
Even refrigerant is exposed to external heat from flate plate collector to captur ambient temperature, so that pressure is created within the closed loop.


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