A few characters in All Quiet on the Western Front delineates how fighting can draw out a hunger for power and limit with respect to trivial fierceness that was dormant amid one’s non military personnel life. The infantry in the novel persevere through unspeakable trouble and risk while the leaders remain securely hidden far from the cutting edges and settle on choices that show an exacting dismissal for the lives of the men in the trenches.

The best case of an insignificant and power hungry man in All Quiet is Himmelstoss. In non military personnel life, he was a basic postman, a position moderately ailing in power. Be that as it may, amid war he turns into a ruthless harasser at the preparation camps. Realizing the newcomers must obey him, he puts them through extraordinary right of passage and powers them to pursue futile requests that regularly lead them into troubling and unsafe circumstances, all basically on the grounds that he can. He is tasting power out of the blue and it has drawn out a revolting side to his character.

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