A cerebrovascular accident is a stroke, there are two types of a CVA, these are an ischaemic stroke and a haemorrhagic stroke. An ischaemic stroke is when a individual suffers a lack of blood supply to the brain or a specific area of the brain, this then makes the part of the affected ischaemic if left without blood supply for a prolonged amount of time. Blood flow can be compromised by a blood clot getting lodged in the supplying blood vessel, it can also be from plague that has built up over time in blood vessels becoming loose from its original place traveling around the cardiovascular system and ending up in the blood supply to the brain causing the ischemia of the brain tissue. Ina haemorrhagic stroke there is a bleed within the cranium, depending on the speed of the blood flow escaping will depend on the speed at which signs and symptoms will been apparent. The bleeding will put pressure on the brain and cause stroke like symptoms, patients may also report a thunder clap head ache, have seizures, visual disturbances and or neurological symptoms. There is a possibility of death in both types of stroke which is why rapid treatment is required, ct scan and thrombolysis for patients suffering ischaemic stroke, patients suffering haemorrhagic stroke should not receive thrombolysis.


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